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Posted in Family, What one gets up to on April 14, 2013 by Carina Westling

Whatever happened? Today seems rather nice – it is not cold, nor is it windy, or pouring with rain. It is, in fact, warmish and sunny-ish.

There is stop-start-animation making here today. We even have a green screen going. Very exciting. You have no idea what Batman gets up to when out of public view. And you should see the company he keeps!

Later tonight, there is a dinner meeting here, for discussing a proposal that I have been thinking of since it was put to me. I can see further uses for the platform, were we to develop it.

We are having a pretty crafty weekend on the whole, as it happens. I managed to get the sleeves on Katla’s cosplay jacket last night, and they look pretty good. She can even move her arms. We may push the boat out and get some of the detailing done today.


A peaceful weekend at home

Posted in Family, What one gets up to on April 13, 2013 by Carina Westling

Rain pouring on the skylight in the kitchen, but it is lovely and warm inside. Food, music (renaissance lute music and The Knife, in equal measures), making Katla’s cosplay costume. It is nice to use my materials skill, once in a while. And I am enjoying my workspace in the study – I have cleared some admin, so there is space for my laptops, and the sewing. It is coming together, and I am only procrastinating a little bit about fitting the sleeves. I am working from Katla’s drawing of her design, below.

I wonder how Bermuda is. I have had brief report, and I guess I will hear the full tale on Monday. Surely the weather is better than here.

We had the Excursions website facelift session here last night, and Tom and I drove poor James like pernickety slave drivers, but the result is sweet. And James strangely seemed to enjoy it. The new issue will be launched soon, and our paper is all proofed and ready – I signed it off earlier.

Leon and Marlowe have been preparing for making stop-start animation shorts outside, and I am keen to get Katla and Cai involved in that tomorrow. And dust off my After Effects skills.

Right. Enough procrastination about fitting those sleeves.

Happy Easter

Posted in Events, Family, What one gets up to on March 31, 2013 by Carina Westling

Swedish (well, Swedish/US/German/Romanian/English, by virtue of Annika & me, Cornelia from US and Berlin, Catarina, Andy, and assorted bilingual children, including mine) Easter celebrations at Annika’s, with kids. Very nice evening. We painted Easter eggs, talked lots, drank cava and mead, and had a lovely fish dish. All good. Blue-black night sky with an infinite number of stars.






Post-birthday musings

Posted in Events, Family, What one gets up to on February 22, 2013 by Carina Westling

A very lovely day. It started beautifully, continued with an unexpected lunch out with Cai, champagne with Jamie, and then my love gave me an utterly gorgeous evening that was full of surprises.

We are going to Book of Mormons, plus oodles of loveliness, plus an amazing feast.

Brighton Science Festival – Bright Sparks

Posted in Events, Family, What one gets up to on February 16, 2013 by Carina Westling

Right. Today it is the Brighton Science Festival family day, Bright Sparks. Cai is very enthusiastic about going; says he wants to be a scientist when he grows up. I actually think it would suit him, knowing what I do about scientists.

Katla is now in Austria – her very first trip abroad on her own. Or rather, with school. My grown up girl. I was looking at some baby photos my mother sent recently, and it is amazing to see. Both girls are so familiar to me – the little one, and the big one. And somewhere within the big one, there is still the little one. She has grown so much that all her skiing gear is too small – I had to lend her mine.

They had a hiccup with the coach last night – just as they had loaded everyone on, they driver realised it wouldn’t start. They had so sit around waiting for a while, but it was eventually fixed.

Cai and I will have plenty of one-on-one time during half term – I think he will enjoy that. We shall start today with a good dose of science.

New Year’s Day bathtub philosophizing

Posted in Events, Family, Random thinking, What one gets up to on January 1, 2013 by Carina Westling

Having followed the news, watched Mai Zetterling’s Girls, Girls, Girls from 1968, and experienced my own, and friends’, stories, I suddenly came to a postmodern perspective on the genus issue (particularly as a parent).

It seems girls/women would benefit from prioritising the development of wisdom, and boys/men the development of active kindness. Things tend to turn out well when such is the nature of our coexistence.

I don’t mean to say that the reverse isn’t also true – of course men need wisdom and women need active kindness – but in terms of priorities, and if I have to pick one quality for each that generally would, and do, make the world a better place, I would say that wise women and kind men make for a nice place to inhabit.

Women sometimes overdo the nurture thing, at the expense of good judgement. Men sometimes handle that y-chromosome (and the extra testosterone) with less grace than desired.

Although the official agenda certainly confirms no such things, there seem to be tendencies floating around, particularly visible in playground culture, that discourage wisdom in women, and kindness in men. Girls are encouraged to act dafter than necessary, if you look at images and accessories to life in popular culture. Boys are encouraged to hide their kindness, so as to not appear ‘weak’.

This is extraordinarily silly. Are daft women more attractive? Are unkind or ‘tough’ men more manly? Personally I find both tiring, at best.

I find kindness a very attractive quality in a man – courtesy, consideration, empathy, insight. Bring it on. I really do not see how that can be anything but attractive. Likewise, the choice between spending time with a daft woman, or an insightful, thoughtful woman with good perspective on life, is very easy indeed.

How time passes

Posted in Events, Family, Research, What one gets up to, Work in progress on October 1, 2012 by Carina Westling

I am still not well, but better than I have been for a little while.

Last night, we went to the Digital Festival closing party for an hour or so. The usual suspects were there. Today brought at early start, so we left fairly early. Back for food and then sleep.

I can sleep, eat and breathe freely again. It feels pretty amazing. I have been ill for at least two weeks.

What has been happening? Of yes – Nimbus launch last Thursday, 0-1. Thankfully it all went well. Nothing broke. The Nightingale was a perfect venue, and I think about the right amount of people turned up. I was very glad to be working as part of a team on the night – Jamie did the presentation, and I could stay a bit back, which I prefer on such occasions. People seemed happy with the project, which is the main thing.

Afterward, I fell to pieces. Luckily, I was looked after. I was pretty ill on Friday, though we went out to dinner with Johnny and Marina R at Plateau, which was lovely. Very good company. I discovered Day Nurse, which kept me upright and sort of functioning.

The weekend has otherwise been relaxed. Lots of time in bed, which was just what I needed, on all counts. We went for a couple of walks around town, apart from the events above.

And we had some very interesting ideas for future publication. I will keep mum for now about that.

I am trying to reconstruct the past couple of weeks in my head. It has been a pretty inward time. Lots to process. Not easy.

Quite a bit of time spent with the children, which has been lovely. And Julianne was over, briefly. She is hoping to return to celebrate her birthday in February.

I haven’t written anything about the filming in Sweden. It was pretty awesome to act with Gunnel. I was scared beforehand, but it was amazing to feel her support; like doing the tango with someone who can really lead. Annika is happy so far, and said that I was good. We shall see – so much will happen in editing.