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Nimbus Group meeting

Posted in Potentially bright ideas, Research, What one gets up to, Work in progress on August 23, 2011 by Carina Westling

Jamie and I had a good meeting last night, helped by it taking place at Valentino’s. Singapore Slings seem to enhance creativity, but I suspect the dosage is critical. We spontaneously came up with two project outlines, one each. Both potentially very good. My one, ‘Prism’, needs research backbone, and would open up interesting possibilities in terms of the combination of vision and data.

Jamie’s idea does not yet have a working title, but should have good legs and add to our profile. We will hopefully meet soon and flesh out the notes we made.

Some good news about our existing application. Fingers crossed.

I also played the piano last night, which was as enjoyable as usual. My fingers haven’t seized up completely.

There was a beautiful sunset that turned all the cream houses along Western Road pink, but today looks a bit dull.


2011 so far

Posted in Events, Potentially bright ideas, Random thinking, What one gets up to, Work in progress on January 1, 2011 by Carina Westling

Well, last night certainly saw the new year in. I met up with Julianne & co first for champagne at In Vino Veritas, and after a bit we joined Jamie & co, plus Helen Medland & Tim for a bit. Later we proceeded to that thing at the Mesmerist, which was very busy. Jolly and not too pretentious, but a bit hectic at times – though the music and dancing was good.

That long, diaphanous gold and black stripe dress i picked up rocked. Also very comfortable, which is truly useful glamour. I always was partial to a bit of dressing up on NYE.

This morning (sort of morning, anyway) brought interesting ideas. Jamie really liked what I wrote about the project we have been discussing, and this sparked off new ideas in my mind. I am thinking new ways of publishing writing. I have been told many times i should write more, and it has certainly pushed its way into my thinking more and more. What would be interesting is making it spatial, immersive and interactive. I have something particular in mind. I need to talk to Pete P.

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Optics, lenses and perspective in still and moving images

Posted in Potentially bright ideas, Work in progress on September 28, 2010 by Carina Westling

…is something I would like to learn more about, to see how these manipulations of perspective affects us emotionally and psychologically.

Footing, ease and standing

Posted in Potentially bright ideas, Random thinking on August 28, 2010 by Carina Westling

Territory, belonging, ownership.
Territorial pressure.
Security vs insecurity.

Diaspora. Land ownership and access.

Secure footing vs ilinx/vertigo/giddiness – connection to playfulness.
Playfulness as survival mechanism (or adopted attitude that enhances aptitude for life and adaptability).

Giving or sharing enhances perceived value of what is given or shared.
Ability to give and share demonstrates: Footing? Plentitude. Security. Ease.

Lack of ability to give or share demonstrates the opposite = bearings on standing (literally) in social context.

Sweden: High living standards, commonality, law of common access. Security. Footing. An increased curiosity and attraction to ilinx, and it’s manifestation in playfulness, creativity and calculated risk taking. Openness to what lies outside (curiosity), afforded by the greater security, footing and commonality. Tradition of hospitality connected to a sense of honour and being a person of substance.

Reasons Swedes are generally received well abroad (?): 1) Not (being viewed as) coming from a position of need. 2) Being perceived as not having a history of exploitation (i.e. not putting others in a position of need).

Recognition that need distorts/alters human interaction profoundly. Allowing/facilitating social self-sufficiency, thereby enabling voluntary, rather than need-driven, interaction.

From a platform of basic sufficiency and ease; interpreting occasional need as a sign of trust and an opportunity to practice privilege in action, i.e. being in the fortunate position of being able to help, assist or share.

The Enclosures Act vs the Law of Common Access.

Procreative strategy has been proven to be affected by perception of prospects – when people have poorer prospects, they have more children at a younger age. If the fundamental sense of footing, or standing in society, is systematically challenged, it is likely to affect procreative strategy not just on an individual level, but to have potentially wider effects. This would eventually lead to a vicious circle with more and more people who have poor footing, sharing a territory that does not increase physically in size – without the help of aggressive appropriation or exploitation of other territories.

Colonisation yields resources, but not physical ‘home’ territory. The socio-psychological benefits cannot easily replace a sense of footing, or belonging.

I have an idea

Posted in Potentially bright ideas, Research, Work in progress on July 29, 2010 by Carina Westling

It rocks. I’m keeping it a secret for now. Mum’s the word.

Narcolepsy and cataplexy

Posted in Potentially bright ideas, Random thinking on May 14, 2010 by Carina Westling

Met Mim in town on Tuesday, and we talked over coffee (decaf!), about narcolepsy, cataplexy and travelators… Exciting and quite visionary conversation. It would be fun to make something out of it!

Bl***y FB searches…. Dusk til Dawn in the Snakepit, here you go

Posted in Events, Potentially bright ideas, Random thinking on May 2, 2010 by Carina Westling

I have no idea why it is so random, but here is the link to the events page for the From Dusk til Dawn gig at Komedia with the TNT folks doing the Snakepit. Join the TNT group while you’re at it, to get updates.