Jigsaw Pieces: The Drowned Man Character Loops

Thank you, Alex Hearder, for collating this.


The following notes are about the Punchdrunk production ‘The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable’ that ran from July 2013 till July 2014. It’s a combination of my own writing and a collection of other people’s blogs and notes, edited and reworded, to create a straightforward summary of the show and each of the character loops.

Some of the sources I’ve used: The Facebook group ‘Contains SPOILERS’; Throw The Rose by Raspberry Beret; Christopher Hong cheat sheets and playlist; Aaron Jacob Jones maps; At The Gates Guarded by Horses; Badly Drawn Drowned Man; Blood, Sand, and Whiskey; The Drowned Blog; The Fool’s Loop; Late to the Wrap Party; Nature Inside Out; drinkthehalo; The Drowned Fan; Delirium Dog; thingsithoughtof; Corpus Jonis Jonis; Brian Omura; Darren Bourget; Aoi Hana; Hannah Young; Honor Hargar; Tristan Jakob-Hoff; Sarah Heenan; Stuart Lorimer; Hopi Sen; Stephen Coltrane; Glenn Ricci; Eugene Lin; Jan Edwards; Ka Bradley; Caroline Lewis; Zoe…

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