Diversion tactics in a post-digital state of absolute power

So. What are the options, dealing with the Google/NSA absolutism? Opting out looks tricky. Most of us need to participate in society to make a living wage, raise our kids, do fun/interesting things with other people, and so forth. The life of a hermit is not for everyone, and is unlikely to attract the masses.

A vision of over-filling the ears of the listeners with data comes to mind. And randomisation of data, plus saturation of idiosyncratic data. Resisting simple categorisation. Will there be a market for sending your smartphone on holiday with someone else, to jumble up the data set? Pouches you can use to attach them to pets for a spin around the neighbourhood? Geofencing? Falconry pouches for iPhones?

I guess what I am thinking is that unless you opt out of information society, which would currently be economically and socially devastating for many people, perhaps another route out of total, absolute control is the introduction of too much, too random, and too detailed data. Our lives should not be reduced to binaries (e.g. man/woman, employed/unemployed, terrorist/non-terrorist); it is the infinite detail in the texture of experience that make the ‘us’ that is worth living for that counts. And perhaps it should be counted. As in added to the digitised representation of who we are. As our digitised representation increasingly is what renders us visible at all to the powers that be, perhaps one approach is to take charge, and provide data of the complexity that we deem appropriate to represent us.

We don’t necessarily need encryption to make emails more opaque. We have a perfect technology in our hands already – handwriting. Why not write our message down, take a photo with our smartphone, and email it as an attachment? Voice recognition software is more advanced than handwriting recognition software – the automatisation of interpreting handwriting in attached photographs or scans on scale (especially with the multitude of styles and flourishes that people use) would be a nightmare.

I think I must get making. The world needs falcronry pouches for iPhones.


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