Whirlwind weeks

Nottingham: to visit Steve Benford and Sarah Sharples, and meet with Michel Valstar and Paul Tennant. Great openness to collaboration: MRL comes across as a dynamic and exciting place. We Skyped with Steve yesterday to firm things up, and now have a bit of an action plan. We will Skype with Sarah and Michel next week, to take things forward there, too.

Incidentally, Nottingham was lovely in the culinary sense, too – Iberico was great (although the chip butties the evening before was a desperate measure, but I view that as ethnographic research). And the contemporary had a great show on: Asco. Recommended.

Affective Experiences went really well: our presentation (delivered jointly) was very well received and we had some excellent conversations with some of the other speakers.

The rest of the time has been spent either preparing or recovering or trying to catch up.


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