Lovely lovely summer ending, Toulouse is a splendid city, and more tunnel adventures

It is raining today, after an almost completely uninterrupted, two month long run of gorgeous summer. We had a final, perfect BBQ on the beach on Wednesday evening, which was still and balmy.

Later that night, we spent four hours measuring sound levels in the tunnel. Somewhat less idyllic, but quite fun – all sorts of things go on late at night. A rather tipsy but well-meaning woman trying to rescue what she thought was a poor, trapped acoustician, to mention one.

Toulouse: week before last, to attend the ECCE2013 conference on cognitive ergonomics. I had no idea Toulouse was such a lovely city. Beautiful to walk around in, and the food was divine. P-yr was a spectacular restaurant, just opposite the hotel (which we discovered after looking for it two nights running), but it seemed almost impossible to find bad food anywhere. It is a university city, with lots of young people populating bars and cafes at night. Strangely, they wear clothes that cover their various bits, don’t wear perfume that is set to stun at ten paces, or makeup intended to be visible from a stadium-size stage, and don’t seem to shriek, shout, stagger, or smash things. They also seem effortlessly cool and relaxed. Maybe that’s just the continent.

I am now getting my head around the admin involved with starting to teach. Slightly scary, but exciting.


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