This month’s flavour of crazy

Just checked into Twitter, after having turned it off for a while. Too much to do, and it is a bit of a time thief.

Discovered one of those crazies, some guy who responded to a rather cheerful little tweet of mine a while back – he was complaining about men not getting hired as secretaries, and I said that we hired one, and he is excellent. Evidently, this got up his Righteous Rant nose, and he sent a stream of increasingly abusive tweets, incomprehensible at first, in their mix-up of random references and anger. The gist was something along the line of ‘the glass ceiling doesn’t exist’ (huh?) and that he couldn’t get a job with ‘the appropriate pay and skillset’ (now there’s a mystery – I thought angry, jumbled ranting was in high demand). But within three or four, he naturally sank to the ‘you’re so ugly, why on earth did your company hire you’, etc.

It seems even a positive remark is enough to trigger the craziness of these jokers. The biggest joke is that he calls himself Better Off Single – but I somehow doubt that he gets the irony. There are so many excellent comebacks, but I can’t be bothered. I just want a real-life ‘edit’ button.


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