Lick upwards, kick downwards

In all this online nastiness debate, it seems odd that some really striking observations about hierarchy are absent.

The Daily Mail today revealed the identities of the guys who have been threatening Stella Creasy et al., and there seems to be a few saddoes in there. Then we have the men who abducted and killed the two little girls earlier this year – neither of which could be labelled shining examples of Successful Manhood, by the good old patriarchic measuring stick.

Seems to me some men who ‘don’t measure up’ are consumed with a desire to hurt those who ‘rightfully should’ be even lower than themselves, in their screwed-up little minds. I.e. women and children, and sometimes non-white people. You could put the ghastly goings-on in Delhi in the same frame – males of pretty dodgy social standing targeting (read most gruesomely abuse and kill) a middle-class girl, who evidently had better opportunities themselves – while leaving the guy with her (presumably from a similar background) to live on.

This also gives some explanation to why it seems to be dispossessed white people who have the most trouble seeing immigrants succeed. They “should” be of lower standing. Cue Breivik and other murderous wingnuts.

There is something really wrong with white and male culture that cannot cope with its own failure. It gets very, very angry – evidently sometimes murderously so – when those who “should” be of lower standing refuse to conform with expectations.

The critics of pulling them up on this say we should just ignore them until they go away. A quick analysis of the demographics of the “just ignore them” camp would be interesting. Do they feel so secure in their assessment that these ‘losers’ are powerless that they misjudge the potency of the hatred brewing in those who feel so entitled to more than their lot that they attack those perceived as ‘lower standing’? And who are they that feel this secure? Are they possibly mostly male? I am genuinely not suggesting that they mean harm by encouraging us to ignore what essentially is pathological hatred, but there may be a sense of immunity involved. A sense of immunity that isn’t necessarily granted to all.

Of course pathologically hateful losers look pathetic from a safe distance. They are pathetic. However, as evidenced by some very ugly events in the near past, that doesn’t make them harmless. It may be a numbers game; “Ini mini mini mo, this wingnut is harmless, that one is not”, but which one is which? Kind of hard to know, for those who end up with their address etc. posted online. Which supposedly is the intent with many of the threats; they ‘just’ want to make sure these women don’t feel safe. Is that supposed to be an excuse? Try and put yourself in those shoes – always looking over your shoulder, as you stand by your front door.

Yeeeuch, is what I feel about the whole thing. It really is sickness to be so consumed with hatred of people who don’t conform with your own (culturally encouraged) little fantasy of supremacy that you actually want to terrorise and hurt them, whether psychologically or physically. How on earth can the responsibility for that be placed on the targets of their hatred?

I can see why many men feel affronted by criticism they think unfairly leveled at them. They probably can’t quite understand the fear and anger engendered by what comes out of the twisted little minds of the perps in question. And of course they don’t want to be tarred with the same brush – they probably see quite clearly that the perps are ‘losers’. And who wants to be associated with them, eh? I am guessing they don’t quite get that ‘loserhood’ isn’t actually the same thing as impotency – the ‘losers’ are quite capable of hurting those they see as lower standing. Men know that the ‘losers’ they see are too cowardly in general to attack their ‘superiors’ – but fail to see that women and children aren’t necessarily included with themselves in that category.

Perhaps it would help to call the perps out as dispossessed supremacists, and let the ‘male’ bit serve as information that explains their messed-up rationale. Their gender is only relevant in a cultural context, not in a biological one. Many very nice people of both sexes are happily naive about the stuff crawling around on the underside of rocks, and find it icky to be reminded, but I think most can see the trouble with dispossessed supremacists.

If not, maybe they should watch The Dictator again. It is both entertaining and educational…


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