Biological?! My foot. Both of them, actually.

Observation on the train that made my skin crawl. No, not something “horrible”, just a nice, middle-class woman talking to her daughter like she was a dimwit, while she clearly wasn’t. I have seen this before – it is remarkable how differently people talk to their children, depending on gender and class.

How you talk to your children shapes their language, their ability to navigate in their thoughts and emotions, who they think they are. Language is the scaffolding of the mind. Why do people not talk to children as what they are; small people, usually smarter than their parents, all ears, picking up on everything around them, constantly trying to make sense of the crazy world we live in? Some respect, for the love of god.

There is no need to “shelter” them in Barbie world. There is no need to “toughen them up” by being abusive and taunting them. What is so difficult about talking to them, with a modicum if awareness of their as-of-yet limited experience of the world, like people, on the level?


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