A great, big Aaaargh at the “Something Must Be Done!” brigade.

More and more, it appears that the present UK government has taken a few leaves out of Dubya’s book: catering to the white-or-black, not-very-keen-on-complex-thought, “Something Must Be Done!” brigade – a.k.a. the people they see as their core voters. When Nigel Farage thinks their illegal immigrant campaign is a bit too racist, you know something is amiss. The proposed Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime, and Policing bill to replace ASBO; which will make it illegal to be seen to be potentially about to do something that might annoy someone, is just grotesque. And the blurriness of the definition of what is to be filtered out by Cameron’s porn block – most of which doesn’t have anything to do with porn – smacks of information totalitarianism.

What it really seems to be about is anti-intellectualism, polarisation, and reinforcement of the class system (which I still observe in dull amazement, having not having grown up with it and therefore being unable to treat it like that unmentionable white elephant standing in the corner of the room), through pandering to the (restraint, restraint, restraint) not overly well-educated, perhaps not particularly intellectually agile, great unwashed. Many of which, mysteriously, appear to vote Tory. As if they would ever be welcome at the top table.


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