The Book of Mormon

We went to see The Book of Mormon last night (my birthday present!). It was classic Southpark genius – crude, rude genius. It started innocently enough with mormon ensemble dancing, but quickly descended into places where angels fear to tread from there. The Spooky Mormon Hell number was quite amazing. And the part where the Uganda elders explain how you control ‘confusing thoughts’ is sublime.

It is very, very funny, and political, with not the tiniest trace of worthiness. That is an achievement. It is a fantastically joyful, wrong, rude, outrageous and, in the midst of it all, heartwarming musical. Should be genre-defining, but I didn’t see any boasts about Olivier awards. Maybe such a live one doesn’t quite pass the muster?

If your sensibilities are not too delicate, and you happen to like musicals, I strongly recommend going.


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