Conference preparations, lots of tunnel experiment preparations, and some festival things

Phew – no rest for the wicked. Inputs-Outputs suddenly feels imminent (and it is). We just met with Judith, and had an excellent discussion about both the conference and future developments.

The weekend brought a little bit of festival activities – we went out to see Faust by Bad Taste Company (or Bad Taste Cru, as their breakdancing ‘face’ is called), which was nothing of the sort. Exhilarating dancing, clearly based on streetdance, but brilliantly expanded into ensemble dancing, what looked like capoeira, and altogether very expressive. Great use of music, too. Thoroughly enjoyable. We went both Saturday and Sunday night.

There was lots of work to be done during the weekend – the tunnel project has turned into a bit of a monster (predictably), and I am glad to say I could contribute quite usefully to making preparations somewhat less frantic and more productive. I prepared and uploaded all the music, and the playback solution I worked out the other week (configuring an alarm clock app to function as the timer for the playlists) ended up being what is going out, at least in phase one. But by Jove, it has been time-consuming. I am counting three days working on it now, and that’s just stepping in to avert meltdown.

This week will see me doing more work with Punchdrunk (hurrah), more work with my new clients (exciting), and quite a bit of time with my kids (which very much I look forward to).


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