It rained on our parade

Brighton Festival opened today with the Children’s Parade, as usual. I took lots of photos, which I will eventually upload. The Mods were excellent, and I really liked Aliens Love Underpants, too. The day started out sunny, but by the end of the parade I was shivering in the drizzle.

Last night, we went to Lighthouse for the opening of James Bridle’s Under the Shadow of the Drone, and on from there to the Regency Town House for the opening of Mariele Neudecker’s The Air Itself is One Vast Library.

We also tried Hove Kitchen, which was a pleasant surprise. The calf’s liver was excellent. Yum! Tomorrow, we might go to Root Experience‘s Plays Series workshops. But not outdoors, if it’s going to rain. I am just not that hardy.

I am currently very successfully procrastinating about doing my book keeping.


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