A peaceful weekend at home

Rain pouring on the skylight in the kitchen, but it is lovely and warm inside. Food, music (renaissance lute music and The Knife, in equal measures), making Katla’s cosplay costume. It is nice to use my materials skill, once in a while. And I am enjoying my workspace in the study – I have cleared some admin, so there is space for my laptops, and the sewing. It is coming together, and I am only procrastinating a little bit about fitting the sleeves. I am working from Katla’s drawing of her design, below.

I wonder how Bermuda is. I have had brief report, and I guess I will hear the full tale on Monday. Surely the weather is better than here.

We had the Excursions website facelift session here last night, and Tom and I drove poor James like pernickety slave drivers, but the result is sweet. And James strangely seemed to enjoy it. The new issue will be launched soon, and our paper is all proofed and ready – I signed it off earlier.

Leon and Marlowe have been preparing for making stop-start animation shorts outside, and I am keen to get Katla and Cai involved in that tomorrow. And dust off my After Effects skills.

Right. Enough procrastination about fitting those sleeves.


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