Long night on snowy roads, DJing on Spotify on my phone

This was when my mind turned, last week, driving back from from Stoke. Clearly, different things float different boats. The responsibilities of life, and a bit of vanity or will to please others – not sure there is much difference – can distract. I am not sure which of those two is most distracting. But in essence, that ground is fallow.

The ground solidifies under your feet when you walk the right way, of that I am sure. That’s not fatalism; you make it that way. Courage may be terrifying (I never thought courage was lack of fear, rather the compulsion to do what has to be done no matter how frightening that is), but not doing what needs to be done is worse.

I wasn’t driving at the time, by the way. I don’t have a death wish. Quite the contrary.


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