The bottom half of the Internet

I have been thinking about ‘aggro’ engagement lately. I think the discourse around engagement, both academically and from the industry side, is very one-sided. It is not like it is not understood within the industry that this is an effective way to attract attention, engagement, and traffic. Neither is this isolated to digital media. It is obvious that The Sun, and other gutter-licking tabloids, use this phenomenon to their advantage – or rather, base their entire business on it.

I have some ideas around this that are a little off-piste, in terms of how the discourse usually goes. I think I will make them part of my presentation at the Inputs-Outputs conference.


One Response to “The bottom half of the Internet”

  1. Lars Printzén Says:

    This phenomenon has catched on throughout the Swedish Auto Industry as well. HR managers claim messuring Engagement is a more valid messurement since Employee Satisfaction does not ensure ambitions. At the same time they are implementing this ‘Bait and Switch’ is a Human Resource exploitation strategy.

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