A moment of critique of definitions of engagement

The literature is full of evangelistical definitions of engagement, but somehow they seem to paint only half the picture. Why does nobody mention how powerful a driver negative affect is for online engagement? A cursory glance at the comments field of any news site, or pretty much anywhere in ‘the bottom half’, shows very clearly that people actively seek out contrary views and a satisfying degree of indignation.


2 Responses to “A moment of critique of definitions of engagement”

  1. That’s true. But isn’t it the anonymity of the web that brings out the worst in people?

  2. Carina Westling Says:

    Definitely! The thing engagement research doesn’t mention is that people actively seek this type of not-very-positive engagement out. Engagement research is full of definitions that include ‘positive emotional attitude’ – it is like no one wants to admit how engaging it is to be, and to respond to someone else being, outraged. ;-)

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