Brighton Science Festival – Bright Sparks

Right. Today it is the Brighton Science Festival family day, Bright Sparks. Cai is very enthusiastic about going; says he wants to be a scientist when he grows up. I actually think it would suit him, knowing what I do about scientists.

Katla is now in Austria – her very first trip abroad on her own. Or rather, with school. My grown up girl. I was looking at some baby photos my mother sent recently, and it is amazing to see. Both girls are so familiar to me – the little one, and the big one. And somewhere within the big one, there is still the little one. She has grown so much that all her skiing gear is too small – I had to lend her mine.

They had a hiccup with the coach last night – just as they had loaded everyone on, they driver realised it wouldn’t start. They had so sit around waiting for a while, but it was eventually fixed.

Cai and I will have plenty of one-on-one time during half term – I think he will enjoy that. We shall start today with a good dose of science.


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