Shawshank Redemption with Future Cinema

Top marks. We were taken to court, sentenced, transported to prison, stripped and given prison fatigues, being shouted at a lot, herded around in a venue that was beautifully (well…) transformed into an old-fashioned prison, fed prison-esque food, and harrassed as newcomers by fellow prisoners. This is all before the screening, and it was a lot more enjoyable than it may sound. We both enjoyed it tremendously – it was very well thought through and realised.

The film is great too – massive feelgood factor.

On Friday, we went to see Robin Ince’s Dirty Book Club at The Old Market. He was quite charmingly embarrassed by some of the weird references to and descriptions of sex he had dug out of his charity shop book treasure trove. And hearing a passage from 50 Shades of Grey read out in tandem with a passage from the Shipping Report was surprisingly mind-bending.


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