Fuerzabruta at the Roundhouse

We went to see Fuerzabruta in the Roundhouse recently. Now, that was immersive! A ferocious performance, very physical, surrounding us and happening among us. They move large machinery around in the middle of the audience, and we had to help roll out and lift an enormous transparent roof, that gets inflated (I think!), before aeralists climb up on top of it, and start hauling audience members up to join them. The way they involve the audience is genius – you cannot help but be totally drawn in.

The act (I don’t know what else to call it) with dancers/performers diving and swimming in water above the audience, so that you can see the amazing patterns made by the rippling water and the bodies of the dancers, is absolutely spectacular. They lower the transparent, shallow pools (built like enormous silk screen frames, but with some amazingly strong transparent plastic instead of the screen) to that you can touch them, just above your head. It was strangely moving when the performers put their hands so that you can ‘touch’, palm to palm. And of course the (probably very small) risk that you might suddenly find yourself drenched adds a frisson of fear.

The aerial acts are are also phenomenal, with performers running around in the air, around the walls, or spinning around the auditorium in a cluster of bodies.

If all of that wasn’t enough to wake you up, occasionally a performer might come up and bosh you on the head with a piece of polystyrene.

Our jaws were on the floor for most of it. Helen (of The Basement), who was also there, said she watched us half the time (she had seen the show before), and really enjoyed our looks of sheer amazement.

Some photos below.


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