How time passes

I am still not well, but better than I have been for a little while.

Last night, we went to the Digital Festival closing party for an hour or so. The usual suspects were there. Today brought at early start, so we left fairly early. Back for food and then sleep.

I can sleep, eat and breathe freely again. It feels pretty amazing. I have been ill for at least two weeks.

What has been happening? Of yes – Nimbus launch last Thursday, 0-1. Thankfully it all went well. Nothing broke. The Nightingale was a perfect venue, and I think about the right amount of people turned up. I was very glad to be working as part of a team on the night – Jamie did the presentation, and I could stay a bit back, which I prefer on such occasions. People seemed happy with the project, which is the main thing.

Afterward, I fell to pieces. Luckily, I was looked after. I was pretty ill on Friday, though we went out to dinner with Johnny and Marina R at Plateau, which was lovely. Very good company. I discovered Day Nurse, which kept me upright and sort of functioning.

The weekend has otherwise been relaxed. Lots of time in bed, which was just what I needed, on all counts. We went for a couple of walks around town, apart from the events above.

And we had some very interesting ideas for future publication. I will keep mum for now about that.

I am trying to reconstruct the past couple of weeks in my head. It has been a pretty inward time. Lots to process. Not easy.

Quite a bit of time spent with the children, which has been lovely. And Julianne was over, briefly. She is hoping to return to celebrate her birthday in February.

I haven’t written anything about the filming in Sweden. It was pretty awesome to act with Gunnel. I was scared beforehand, but it was amazing to feel her support; like doing the tango with someone who can really lead. Annika is happy so far, and said that I was good. We shall see – so much will happen in editing.


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