Mr. Brainwash, Secret Screening of The Impostor, and lots more

Phew. I have been too busy with life to write about it.

The literature review is taking up a lot of brain space, yet I never feel I give it enough. Progress is happening, though.

We went to the Shakespeare exhibition at British Museum in the weekend, and it was very interesting – the goal was clearly to create a sense of the times in which the work was written. The picture that emerges is very vibrant, full of tensions, surprisingly multicultural, and torn between enlightenment and superstition. Shakespeare was as much myth-maker for the powers that be at the time as he was the playwright we think of him as now. As I guess anyone else who wanted to earn their crust, have their moment in the sun, and still keep their head in place would have been.

Afterwards we went to Mr. Brainwash’s Life is Beautiful show (see pictures below), which was big, bold, gloriously shallow, a great wet raspberry blown at pop art itself, and quite a lot of fun. As to whether Mr. Brainwash really is just a sock puppet for Banksy or not, I am none the wiser.

A Secret Screening at Conway Court last night turned out to be what must have been the opening or sneak preview of The Impostor, which was compelling. A documentary about Frederic Bourdin, who is a serial liar of some proportion. I shan’t reveal too much, lest I spoil the pleasure for you. It is very worth seeing. And why not pop in for a bit of fun with Mr. Brainwash, too?

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