BACA in Swansea, summer parties (!), and lovely lovely children

Ooops. A long time since my last entry.

We went to Swansea and presented at our first conference, BACA. All went well, although we were a little out of our element – but there were some very interesting (and many quite gory) presentations. Swansea is quite amazingly unloved – makes you remember how much the Southeast is favoured when it comes to investments. Swansea has a lovely beach though. A long walk confirmed that – sand between the toes.

It was fascinating to talk to Professor Geoffrey Burwell, a scoliosis specialist and delightful dinner neighbour. In light of Katla’s recent diagnosis, I was a very attentive audience.

We went to Jonathan Hare’s summer party (a little bit of photographic evidence below), which was fun. There was even a bit of experimental activity, toward running experiments with children and comparing their responses to adults’ responses.

Katla, Cai and I had a lovely time messing about at home, and on the beach. We also went to Moshi Moshi, which is perilous for the wallet, but much appreciated. They are truly lovely, and seeing them together warms the cockles of my heart like nothing else. And check the two Chinese guys playing pingpong with frying pans below!

Yesterday, I saw them off to my mum’s for summer holidays. Mixed emotions – proud that they are so grown up, glad that they are so lovely, and that they get the opportunity to shake their Swedish stuff, spend time with mormor and a variety of godmothers, and get some good old outdoors summer experiences, but also sad to see them go.

But there is a lot for me to distract myself with – my literature review being right at the top of that list. And the Excursions submission. And a number of other things. Right, best get on with them.

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