Rules & Regs at The Nightingale, Gatz (Elevator Repair Service) and a new baby website

The weekend was busy. I started by going to Rules & Regs at The Nightingale, which was playful and enjoyable (see some pics below of my little group doing the mini-performance ‘Portrait of Ourselves’ – I am still curious about one of the other options given, ‘Hand Crime’). By the way, the installation with four glasses of milk was a sleeping-pill-in-milk arty version of Russian Roulette. The piece was called “Sleep well – or not”. I watched from a safe distance.

We went to see Gatz with Elevator Repair Service on Saturday. I have never been to a 6.5 hr play (plus intervals, 8 hrs in total) before. The Great Gatsby is read, in its entire, glorious length, from stage while the cast enacts selected scenes in a double-layered narrative, using a selection of random-looking props in completely believable, yet unexpected ways. A strong sense of dead-pan slapstick and some very funny scenes. The party was just perfection. I am still thinking about it. We created a little bit of magic of our own in the streets outside in the intervals, as we wandered about to move our legs, for which the seats in Noel Coward Theatre were not designed. Mirror ball comes to mind.

Yesterday we worked a lot. Deadline city. A new baby website is born as a result, which is exciting. We also talked about a possible startup project for Miltonson this evening, which could be perfect. Fingers crossed!

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