Wet, windy, low

It is horrid. Wet and windy. Last night I saw my good friend Annika, who lost her partner Maurice to cancer a week ago, after he suddenly got much worse. She was on her way to him in New York when he died. She is herself still, but it is obviously completely upside down about it. Getting completely soaked in the rain on the way home seemed completely in keeping with the evening. Desperately sad.

We sat in the back room upstairs at Lion & Lobster, both a bit bedraggled from the rain. No one else there, until a whole party of done-up-to-the-max people turned up: bleach blonde hair, dark foundation, giganto-false eyelashes, perfume set to stun at ten paces, and to top it off identikit pale pink lipstick. Annika said it perfectly – it was like a Miss Piggy wannabe convention. I fully expected them to go down on all fours and go “oink, oink”. I looked at Annika in her bereavement and oilcloth rain jacket, and there was so much more beauty there.

The weekend was otherwise lovely. Lots of indoors time, and a bit outdoors – we went to Spence’s gig at the Brighton Ballroom (refurbished, looking good) on Saturday. We got there late, and only stayed for a little bit. Nice to see him, though.

Most of the weekend was spent horizontally. Blissful. And then on Sunday, we did quite a bit of data analysis, so not all lazy! I have now got to grips with Kinovea. Lots to do for ECCE – a submission is due at the end of this month.

Somehow this weather makes it seem like any progress is in slow-motion. Or like it will never stop raining. I bumped into Twig at the station, and he was contemplating growing mold.

Nevertheless, I am trying to galvanise myself, and keep things going forward. Slingshot is not going to do 2.8 hrs in Brighton, sadly. But I can work with them on any of their other productions in the country, so it should work out fine. And I very much look forward to DreamThinkSpeak on Saturday. I hope we get there on time – there were some logistic issues with travelling back from Cheltenham. Tristan will hopefully be there as he said he would be. And then I just need to hear back about my third field study… Fingers crossed.


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