Sunny days, pounding tarmac

The last festival weekend was hijacked by the sun. There were of course festival goings-on (some of which we caught), but the main player was undoubtedly the sun. So much of May had rained away, and now summer finally arrived, people were drunk with sunshine. And a few other things.

The bathing machines on the beach (Dipping Your Toe) were uncomfortable and amusing. Kneeling on pebbles for 25 minutes is surprisingly painful. I could still see the indentations on my shins the day after.

A Kick In The Teeth at the Marlborough was amusing, but I kind of wish we had gone to see Waterlitz at Black Rock instead. The plan was to, but time was not on our side.

We dined sumptuously at The Gingerman on Tuesday with Rupert Ponsonby and Johnny Ray – lovely food, and very good conversation. Rupert presented some grown up fruit juices, packaged as wines without the alcohol, and I must say I would happily drink the reds (especially) instead of wine. Not too sweet at all, but pleasantly tangy and deep, yet easy on the palate.

Yesterday was busy and very productive. I met with Caroline, who is brilliant and very generous with her knowledge (and know-how). So conference plans are moving forward. Hurrah!

I also got four BEQs filled in, and established contact with all the outstanding volunteers, so hopefully we can have BEQs for all of them. I very much look forward to seeing how the data compares. Much ground was covered in this endeavour, but I didn’t mind, as long as we get the results.

My long list is gradually shortening, but there are some frightening things to deal with still… Hopefully I can get those done this weekend. I would feel easier with less hanging over me.

And now to work.


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