Smashed, Cmmn Sns Prjct, and food poisoning

I am finally surfacing after a bout of food poisoning that struck late on Thursday after getting back from London. That sort of thing really rips the stuffing out of you.

A couple of good shows this week – Smashing with Gandini Juggling at Theatre Royal, and Cmmn Sns Prjct at The Basement. The festival has finally begun in earnest, now it is about to finish.

Much of that is of course the weather. Which has been gorgeous. After weeks of rain, that makes a nice change.

Smashed was fantastic – we sat with big, amazed grins on our faces throughout the show. Stunning choreography, edgy narrative handled with delightfully deceptive ease and humour, visually gorgeous, and very, very funny. Many had brought children along, but I have to say much of the content would have gone right over the heads over the under-18s. At least.

Cmmn Sns Prjct was a delightfully confusing and highly interactive experience. I can’t say I am exactly clear on what it told us, apart from demonstrating with all necessary clarity that the phenomenon of money is ridiculous. I am not even going to try and describe the performance, but I guess it would come under the rubric of interactive theatre. Quite unique.

I am very sad to say we missed The Correspondents at The Concorde2, kindly invited by Playgroup. I was profoundly let down by my digestion. I am sure it was as amazing as they have always been.

And now, I am going to have the first bit of solid food for days. In my sunny kitchen, with a small and freshly bathed boy. Not bad, eh?


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