May is slow to start – but I am making an effort

The weekend saw children’s events at the Hurly Burly. Kind of nice – but cold. And drizzly. I wish the papers weren’t so keen to declare drought, they clearly asked for this.

It is funny to see all the shaky-handed grownups at gigs like that – a lot of them clearly hungover – providing either supervision or entertainment, according to their role. The children running about, doing their thing. Trusting the adults to know what they’re doing. Little do they know.

My friend Ro from uni came to stay over the weekend. She was doing The Great Escape, and dragged me out for a little bit of it. But mostly I spent the weekend with the children, and catching up with Ro when she surfaced in the morning. It was great to catch up – lots to talk about.

On the subject of catching up, Katla’s fairy godfather came around last night and cooked Jamaican chicken for us. Yum. He also did the dishes and cleared up the kitchen, magically. Great to see him too, and hear about his tales of woes and wonder.

A spot of gardening today may either invoke the wroth of the weather gods, invite some actual spring/early summer weather, or make absolutely no difference at all. In spite of my latent closet animism, I am guessing the latter.

Some more festival shenanigans coming up this weekend, grownup ones this time.

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