Motor Show – a washout!

Boohoo. We trekked to Whitehawk, negotiated motorways, wind and persistent rain – only to find the show cancelled, 15 minutes before it was due to start. Apparently it was too wet for the dancers. I am pretty sure it would have been a good show, but we weren’t prepared to risk re-booking for tonight. It was drizzling all day, and it seemed a risky proposition to go all the way to Black Rock and find it cancelled – again.

Domestic at The Basement did not live up to last year’s brilliant show in a similar format, 5×5. It just wasn’t transgressive enough, quite frankly. Nor as lovingly crafted. Bits were good – Janine and Avis’ breakfast was fab, and the ‘bathroom’ almost got there. If you hadn’t seen 5×5, you’d have enjoyed the totality of it more. But it was such a great show that it set standards difficult to live up to.

I have to say I do not feel I ever need to see another grown woman in a Victorian-esque nightie with dolls and smeary makeup, ever again. It is distinctly overdone. What is the obsession with all that?!

And it rains. And rains. It would be nice if May shaped up soonish! I am still not out of my woolens.

But we did manage to have a lovely time, anyway. Indoors.


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