Brighton Festival 2012 kick-off

…and the arctic weather to remind us of our mortality. Brrr. The Children’s Parade yesterday was as big as ever, with some particularly inventive groups. My favourite was the Silent Screen one, but there were many others that were also very good – the Oliver Twist group (complete with begging ragamuffins), the St George and the Dragon one (with staged charges at the dragon that were quite impressive), and many great sculptures and costumes. Some photos below.

Yesterday evening had a French/British circus performance in Hove Park, Barricade. They did well with creating organised chaos, which was quite exciting. Some good aerial acrobatics, clowning around, and a somewhat overcooked narrative that was a tad worthy. But it was good watching.

Today we took part in Sea of Voices, starting at Fabrica. It was both moving and funny, and a very engaging experience. I am glad I met Ben and Vicky last week, as it gave it an informal introduction. I might do it again, if the weather becomes a bit more clement. I was positively hypothermic at the end of the experience. Strongly recommended, though.

A great (if chilly) weekend. Lovely times were had.

And to finish the slideshow below, a strange little piece of graffiti – they painted over the walls by the stairs down from the back entrance of the station again, but someone has screwed in two interconnected pieces of sculptural graffiti, using MDF, yarn, and nails. Baffling and impossible to cover with paint.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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