Oh dear

It has been rather hectic. And I have not written anything at all for ages. Well, I have written a summary of academic sources for definitions of engagement, immersion, and presence, but that was not what I meant.

We also managed to go and see Streetdance 2 in broad daylight on a sunny afternoon – fantastically cheesy narrative, but some great dancing. That was obviously the draw for me. We did bravely try to go to the pictures on Tuesday, but managed to miss everything, as we first tried to go to the White Rabbit. Easter holidays twisted everything around, time-wise, and nothing happened when it usually does, so we missed things spectacularly. Nevermind, we entertained ourselves very well anyway.

I also went to the Private View for the Otolith Group’s latest offering at Fabrica – that was last night. The place was rammed – all the usual suspects, but lots of people from London and other places too. It was actually really hard to hear the talk, as the party atmosphere took over a bit. Not a bad thing per se, but the artists got a bit annoyed.

Katla is away with my mum in Greece, and I am looking forward to having Cai back on Monday. Katla will be another couple of days, as the Easter celebrations with the Palinginis family are extended.

We have very exciting plans – to organise a conference (engagement inputs and outputs in human-computer interaction). As soon as it came up, it was so obviously an excellent idea. We have already started making a tentative outline. I will arrange a meeting with Sue G to pick her eminent brain at her earliest convenience.

Listening to the marvellous Rotary Connection at present. I will now have a bath, and tonight we are going to the Springtime Skinny Dip at the Prince Regent. I do have a costume, however. Of sorts.


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