A day in London with Katla

We covered a lot of ground. First, we went to the National Gallery at Katla’s behest, as the first St Trinian’s movie (the remakes) was shot there. She loves St Trinian’s, and who can blame her? Quite formative, in a “good girls go to heaven, bad girls go wherever they want” kind of way.

Anyway, I let her set the pace, and she asked lots of questions. So I took her through a whistlestop tour of the history of art. Her favourites were the impressionists. We lunched in the cafe, all very ladylike. It is a lot of fun to do things, now she is so grown up.

Not all that grown up, though – she climbed around on the lions at the foot of Nelson’s column for a bit. We saw the rocking horse on the fourth plinth, as per the photos below.

Then we decided to go to the Science Museum, and took the bus so we could have a view. En route, we stopped at the V&A, and I showed her the casts of the Trajan column and Michelangelo’s David. And we strolled through the Mediaeval and Renaissance galleries, too. It is such a beautiful museum.

After that, we proceeded to the Science Museum – which is a bit of a mess, compared to the V&A. It just isn’t laid out well. They tried, but didn’t seem to think it through.

We had sushi on the train back, with a huge mochi ball each for pudding. Yum.

We have already made plans for our next trip up there – there is so much to do, and it is so easy to get around with her. She always was a great traveller, but now it is better than ever.

I just saw her off to my mum’s. They will go to visit the Palinginis’ over the remainder of the holidays. Big family gathering, and as they haven’t seen her for years and years, it will no doubt be very exciting. It feels very empty in the house now, though.

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