TEDx at Lighthouse, Supper Club at The Basement, and other good things

I met up with Jamie & co. at Lighthouse – walked in as they were singing Don’t Stop Believing together with 500 other people around the country and the whole audience at Sadlers Wells, connected via live feeds. Uncharacteristically populistic for Lighthouse, but upbeat and quite rousing!

After the party we carried on to Supper Club at The Basement. The usual suspects were there, and we sat by the stage with Tim and Pelim, his fiance, Nick from Blast Theory and Stacy, who is over from the US to do an MA in speech and drama in London.

There were a number of performances during the evening, and lots of good DJing. My favourites were Foxy & Husk (see photos below, the girls dressed as animals) – I couldn’t possibly describe the performance without making it sound naff, but it was actually very good.

Their rendition of disjointed dialogues on friendship and loneliness were particularly surreal, and had quite a touch of pathos about them. If two people dressed as animals, dancing and doing lip-synch can do pathos.

We rounded off with a bout of good dancing. Stacy had missed every sensible train back to London, so she stayed over at mine – nice to meet her.

I woke up good and early today, and managed to produce a pancake birthday breakfast for Katla. Now a little rest before the rest of today catches up with us.

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