What can possibly go wrong? at the Brighton Science Festival, Polish food, Muppets and other nice things

What can possibly go wrong? at Brighton Science Festival was small, but perfectly formed. The talk went reasonably well according to circumstances, if I understood things right.

Afterwards, we had lunch at the Polish place in Kemptown, which was surprisingly nice. We withdrew from the rain in best possible fashion after lunch. Ventured out again in the evening. By then, the weather had made a complete turnabout, and it was starry, clear – and chilly.

A wander through my old neighbourhoods brought us to Waitrose just before closing, some provisions (you can get far on cherries and a baguette), and then we saw the Muppet movie (second time for me, but I really enjoyed seeing it in adult company). It is very knowing, and they threw every trick in the book at it. It is full of rewards, and has some interesting plot constructs that are very well thought out, though it must have been a bit of a sprawling beast to create a whole out of at one point.

A lovely evening. And morning. And a bit more.

I met with Jamie in the afternoon, and we are about to finish our next application over the coming week. After that, we have another project to start – the Heart one. Exciting!


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