Brief Encounter at the Troxy

Other Cinema opened with a Valentine special – Brief Encounter, at the art deco cinema Troxy on Commercial Road. The venue was great, and the film is a classic (they played a beautifully restored copy that was crystal clear), but the pre-film entertainment was pretty dreadful. We were wondering if it was meant to be that way, sort of in theme with 1940s rationing and things being a bit rubbish. They did serve British basics only, like toad in the hole, shepherd’s pie, and fish pie. The only pudding available was jam sponge with (specifically) Bird’s custard…

They opened in 8 cities across the UK on the same night, and in all honesty I suspect they over-stretched themselves a bit – it did seem under-resourced, rather than thematically basic. We couldn’t say for sure though – it may have been a knowing wink.


2 Responses to “Brief Encounter at the Troxy”

  1. Tim Rossiter Says:

    We loved it – went as a family (probably both oldest and youngest members of audience), most enjoyable evening out for a long time. The venue and atmosphere were wonderful, and the food was not bad for something simple.

    • Carina Westling Says:

      I enjoyed my toad in the hole – would have loved to have it served cantine-style on plates, though! ;-)

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