Dale Chihuly at the Halcyon Gallery, and a weird Thai dining experience

The work of Dale Chihuly just makes me happy. The show at the Halcyon Gallery is not as magnificent in scale as the one I saw at the Museum of Modern Art in Boston last year, but it exceeded my expectations.

I cannot even begin to think about the logistics involved in transporting the work…

Glorious colours, shapes, and that magic that glass tends to work on me brought a big smile to my face, and I could barely contain my enthusiasm. I took some photos (below).

After that, we travelled through the snowfall that media was all up in arms about to Notting Hill, and one of the stranger Thai dining experiences I have had. The entrance was unbelievably down at heel, and we first didn’t think it was the right place. Turns out the restaurant is upstairs – on the balcony folding around the corner of the building. In the snow.

Luckily, they had clad the dining area gazebo-style in clear plastic, and placed numerous standard heaters among the tables. It actually wasn’t cold, but I was never moved to take my coat off. The food was OK, and we enjoyed it, but it was quite surreal.

I am so glad I brought my wool blanket with me! We could have it over our legs to help keep warm while dining, and it protected me from cold, winds and snow on the way back.

A lovely time. And lots of stimulating development of our ideas.

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