Hofesh Shechter and Political Mother

Political Mother felt quite different compared to last time I saw it, probably as we were seated much closer to the stage. But I also think there has been developments since then.

I do like this work. It is very bold, and quite testosterone-fuelled. But there is something touchingly human in the way the dancers sometimes represent broken, submissive humanity.

I love the way the female dancers have just as dynamic a language as the male dancers, and the way they are (mostly) undifferentiated in terms of costume. It is a joy to watch the way the company moves: very dynamic, intense, and powerful. They way they flow from seeming chaos into formation is impressive, and the way they move between spasmodic and sinuously fluid. Yum.

We liked it. The sheer rock’n’roll force of the sound and the scale is exciting. And there is nothing precious about this work – it just delivers, lots.


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