Somewhat turbulent times, and a collaborative submission for the Nimbus Group

It has been rocky, and I am dazed. But in one piece. Probably that near-life experience after effect.

Good feedback is coming through from Annika, which is delightful. I hope we get to make something more of it.

In the meantime, the Nimbus Groups is collaborating with a project that is being delivered for The Space, the new BBC cross platform initiative that is being released in May. Fingers crossed. All in the eleventh hour, of course. The deadline will be pretty tight.

And it is cold. I have been absolutely freezing today. Recent distractions have caused me to forget a number of meals, so I suspect I have lost some insulation. Best try and replenish that, if is is going to get colder now.

I really need to get the AIML files done and dusted. Maybe I will get to that this evening. I was planning to have them done already, but this collaboration needed urgent attention.

And Brighton Science Festival is coming up again soon – a welcome feature this time of year. I still haven’t made it round to Richard’s to play the piano. At all.


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