The Artist – and the week that has been

We went to see The Artist on Saturday just gone. Very cleverly made, and an utterly charming film. Quirky, funny, endearing, and absolutely packed with silver screen references – it is a virtual summary of iconic 1930s and 1940s Hollywood movies, rearranged for contemporary cinema. And I loved the dog…

The past week seems a lot longer – because it contained so much. A lot of which was making up for lost time together. Delightful, and longed for.

I almost forgot: I went to a British Sea Power gig at The Heist with Julianne and Mark (from NYE). The best thing for me was the warm up band, Savages. They were an all-girl group of four, with a strong, full-bodied (the music, that is) drummer-bassist combo and somewhat eerie vocals and guitar. They created a really full sound and had good songs. And it was their very first gig. They must have been very ambitious in the rehearsals. And if that wasn’t enough, they were only booked to do that gig the same day (as the original band that was booked for that slot split up)! Impressive. They are even invisible to Google (so far)…


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