Lumiere in Durham

We went to Lumiere in Durham, a light installation festival produced by Artichoke. It was two gorgeous days, with some amazing experiences, and lots of walking around in the city – which in itself is beautiful.

The best piece was undoubtedly Spirit, in the cathedral. It was jaw-dropping, and moving, and interacted beautifully with the space. They had created a phenomenal amount of lanterns from undershirts, lit from inside by candles, and created fire sculptures in simple geometric shapes for the cloisters and gardens. They also played evocative and dreamy live music.

Les Visiteurs, in the surrounding cobbled street, was also stunning and very effective – human figures in chicken wire, suspended above the streets as if flying, positioned on top of buildings and in parks, and lit with white light. When the lights were off, they were virtually invisible.

Neither of these pieces used high-tech means, and perhaps that was part of their appeal. See the photos below.

The giant snow globe on Market Square was great, too. And the last photo in the slide show below shows the tail end (pun not intended) of an organised streaking race across the Rainbow Bridge by a group of young men in their birthday suits. A commendable degree of interaction with public art.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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