Winter approaching

It was cold outside this evening. Autumn is definitely here, and leaves are beginning to show signs of turning. I guess it is inevitable, but it feels a little too soon, nevertheless.

The past few days have been frustrating. Difficult to get things done as planned, as if gears are in reverse.

Small progress has been made, though. The taps in the bathroom are fixed. Meeting my new supervisors tomorrow, unless one of them cancels… Interesting seminar today. The new community is crawling forward. Some progress on the stimuli planned for engagement experiments. So not complete stasis, even if it has felt that way sometimes.

It feels like the pressure is on – not me personally, but sort of everyone. Everyone ‘ordinary’, anyway. People are feeling the pinch of the times. It feels like winter will see old people freezing to death, as they try to save on heating bills – Dickensian stuff. Guess that makes the Tories happy, deep down. At least the ones in government.


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