San Francisco

My posts didn’t upload as they should have, so the order is scrambled – this should have come after all the others published today.

I am really enjoying SF What a great place. Perfect blue skies, perfect temperature, great atmosphere.

I have had some time to “do” SF, outside of the very busy BC schedule. The days are long and full, but very interesting and inspiring.

Jenny, Danni and I had a great walk on Sunday. We were planning to take the ferry to Sausalito, but just missed it. Instead we went to Buena Vista Park, sat there quite a while, enjoying the balmy temperature, blue skies and gorgeous views. After that, we dropped down to Haight and got waylaid by shopping. Jenny bought a pair of beautiful vintage shoes, with some encouragement. I got stuck in that bookshop I loved last time, and bought books for the kids.

After that, we walked back to the hotel along Market. All in all, six hours of walking, which was just the ticket after the flight. I am not good at being stationary, and thankfully my companions felt the same.

Another presentation is just beginning, so I have to carry on writing later!

Well, this is later. An intense day finished with tacos (and margaritas) in the lobby, all hands present. After that, I walked back to the hotel with Sasha and a few others. Dropped my stuff and headed straight out again – muni to Church, walk to Fillmore and meet David & Kyle at that Thai restaurant we went to last time.

Now I am thoroughly bushed.


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