A quick trip to Sweden and back ARGs, 42 Entertainment and more

The past week has been too intense to even write about. I haven’t really sat still long enough.

A quick trip to Sweden and back passed in a blur of activity (but no missed flights this time). Garth came with on the way out, and had the pleasure of my distracted company for about 24 hours. I had the opportunity to catch up with Rebecka and co., which was delightful as always. The weather was a lacklustre copy of the UK weather.

Now back, trying to speed write, while trying to ensure I do not have to suddenly move house, is claiming a lot of my attention. The circumstances are not ideal for clear focus. I hope I will be able to look back at this period and laugh at the inherent ridiculousness. Right now, a sense of humour failure lurks around every corner.

We did a whistlestop party tour of Surface Impression’s office-warming party and Jamie’s birthday do at the Black Dove last night. I was too restless to really be present at either. Damn waste of good time to be this distracted.

Lots of thinking about engagement strategy. And how to measure the results. We are having animated discussions on the subject. It is all very interesting, and I hope to have a more solid situation to situate my work in soon.

I came across 42 Entertainment recently. Very interesting company, in the ARG genre (alternate reality games). Ambitious. And an inspiration for the Nimbus Group.


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