Homemade icecream

…was a success. Chocolate and vanilla, with the real McCoy. It went down extremely well, and I even managed a passable main course.

Bizarre weather – sun alternating with torrential rain. I have avoided it altogether.

I had reports today about a birthday do with a snow leopard pacing in the background. I couldn’t match that, for sure. (Even if it was in an enclosure.)

I recall the birthday do I waited on as friends-of-the-family help to Kerstin’s old good time girl friend and neighbour in Haverdal, once upon a time. A bunch of off-kilter, yet genteel old folks who partied like it was 1999. I particularly remember the youngest guest, who was about 65 and there with her mother. Both were in fluorescent minidresses, with long, flowing grey hair hanging loose, and had accessorised with dangling plastic period costume jewellery. Growing up is optional, etc.

They all flirted outrageously with each other, and drank the bar dry. But no one was out of order – they had years of party practice. Way to go.


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