Work, dance, housewarming

A productive day at work. Followed by productive rehearsals. Followed by a productive (well..) supper at Annika’s, with some very effective vodka martinis. I am now a smidge worse for wear, but it has been a full day.

Europe. Yes, it is a big world out there. I am a bit of a europhile, myself. I don’t necessarily have fabulous memories of Brussels myself (though I am sure proceedings were interesting), but I imagine some people do. It is not known as the most exciting city in Europe.

A friend of mine called Zurich Nofuncity recently. Another city with a poor rep for enjoyment, but I have always had a nice time there. It may have something to do with knowing locals, I guess. Alexios did find it rather dull, though – he lived there for years, and willingly left for Athens in the end.

Well, Zurich will come later this summer. I look forward to seeing Claudia, Caro, Ainhoa, Marie and the others in conjunction with that

Tomorrow brings motion capture, as does Friday. It sounded like Leon and Milo were flat out for it, and I look forward to seeing the presentations. The workshop last summer was interesting, and there has been lots of work since. Exciting times.


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