Deaf men dancing in Docklands, un-Jester Festival in Hampstead, and more

Greenwich and Docklands International Festival offered some interesting dance performances. The one we liked best was a 5-person company with four male dancers who were deaf or hearing impaired. They seemed to represent three different ways of dealing with masculinity in their particular situation. It was quite accessible and funny, but also very well performed and highly visual.

Another performance was by three dancers from Spain (two male dancers, one female), who performed on a transparent stage, under which most of the audience members reclined in loungers. The idea was interesting, but more so than the performance itself.

We then went to Hampstead and the Jester festival there, which was remarkably jester-free. It was very much a community initiative, and quite charming as such, if basic.

The evening brought various interesting shenanigans, very enjoyable indeed… And supper, and more shenanigans. All very lovely.

After some sleep, we went to the Pride Companion Dog Show, of all things. I am not sure who were more exotic, the dogs or their owners!

Sunday roast for lunch finished off a lovely weekend. We had a splendid time.


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