Snakepit, Shangri-La, Glastonbury 2011

I realise I haven’t written anything much that is specific about the Snakepit this year. It was a similar formula to previous years, but much busier throughout the festival. I guess the word has got out.

The atmosphere was more settled within the dystopian vision of Shangri-La/Block 9, which worked quite well. It was easier, in a sense, to find a theme with which to work as a performer. Because of course there was lots of improvisation.

Generally, I went for troublemaking. That both felt right and seemed to work well with the audience. It annoys me vaguely when people think they know what to expect, or are very strong about wanting what they expect. For me, it is the unexpected and unpredictable that excites.

Since we worked with Zookie in Gothenburg that has been a strong theme whenever I have worked with events and/or performance – when the participants are on their toes, things go well. Predictability is not something I aspire to.

I spoke briefly to Karen today, and she sounded exhausted. We will touch base next week instead.


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