Dear god, what a day

Cai was due to have a little simple surgery today, so I did my best to while away the hours creatively as he could not eat anything. In the end the whole thing was cancelled, as some muppet had brought in biscuits to the ward and left one out in the playroom. A hungry child will pounce. The anaesthetist was not willing to take the risk of putting him under (wisely). The idiot parent who brought biscuits in and didn’t keep an eye on them wasted time and resources and, potentially, put children at risk (if, for example, you took your eye off them for a moment and didn’t notice it) would have got an earful had they still been there. I was not amused.

Anyway. Enough ranting. I took some photos during the morning:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since then I have been trying to catch up with things, and it is now past midnight. I need to sleep.


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