Drinky Arty Clubby at Grey Area

Drinky Arty Clubby at Grey Area felt, in a small way, like a natural part of something that has occurred in Europe, at various times and places, since the early 20th century. These rough-at-the-edges venues where people meet to discuss philosophy and art, play chess, talk, drink, etc., and where it is de rigeur to be uncool.

Cai ran around playing with a dog, got involved in playing chess, got covered in chalk that was used to write what was going on, plus various serendipitous misspellings of snippets of conversation, on the walls, laughed a lot, watched some interesting films with naked ladies, played with a little girl of the same age that he will go to school together with in September, and so forth.

I have huge affection for times and places like these, even if I have never had the urge to completely immerse myself in them on a permanent basis. They are a very welcome addition to the compartmentalised approach to life that tends to dominate.

And I am now the first female member of the Diogenes Club, which apparently meets every two months at In Vino Veritas to sit and read books on six (and only six) specific and seemingly unrelated topics in perfect, mandatory silence. Marvellous.


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