Another sunny day on Planet Earth

It has been warm and sunny. A lunchtime stroll confirmed this. I realised why I suddenly felt like death warmed up on Wednesday, and not great since: a shingles outbreak was lurking. It is only small, but still makes me feel rough, especially before actually breaking out.

Anyway, not very fascinating. But at least a bona fide reason for feeling rubbish. I couldn’t work out any others. It has been quite a stressful time, so no wonder something breaks out.

I had hoped to have some of the balls I have up in the air landed by now, but as usual everything takes longer. Much longer.

Stoic acceptance and resolve? Probably the best approach. When I get a chance to organise my thoughts, I can drum up some resolve. But what I most of all need resolve for in the immediate future is doing my accounts. No escape now, it just has to get done.

I am good at procrastinating, though. Suddenly everything else seems to draw me in. Laundry (which is actually quite nice, as the garden is heady with honeysuckle), tidying, anything. At least it is reasonably constructive procrastination.

As I am a little under the weather, maybe going to bed at a reasonable hour is wise. Not procrastination. Promise.


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